lunes, 8 de enero de 2018

Technical asistance contract for ADIF

E2f has been awarded the contract for "Consultancy and technical assistance for the preparation of the technological dossiers of the catenaries used by ADIF for its certification of the interoperability component".
The scope of the work includes pantograph-catenary interaction studies analyzing the parameters of these catenaries that allow defining the validity as interoperable for the maximum circulation speeds of the line where they are installed.
These studies will contain all the necessary documentation to verify all the parameters indicated in the 2014 TSI.
The catenaries to be evaluated will be:
  • AC:
    • 350 km/h: Catenary  C-350
    • 220 km/h: Catenaries C-220Ca and C-220/D
  • DC:
    • 220 km/h: Catenaries CA-220/A, CA-220/B and CA-220/C
    • 160 km/h: Catenaries CA-160/A, CA-160/B and CA-160/C

Works direction on Cádiz

The group of companies e2f / Prointec will be in charge of the technical assistance and the works management for the execution of Janer's electric substation in San Fernando (Cádiz) and its connection to the power grid for the power train of the Cadiz Bay train . It will be responsible for the supervision of the project drafted by the winner of the substation as well as the verification and monitoring of the proper execution of the works, as well as quality control, human and material resources.

Studies & project in Canaveses(Portugal) for IP

The group of companies composed of e2f, Eptisa and the Portuguese company Proengel has been awarded the bid for infrastructure infrastructures of Protugal (IP) for the project "Environmental Impact Study, project for the electrification of the Marco de Canaveses-Régua da section Linha Douro ".
This project has the objective of electrification in 1x25 kV and the conditioning of the trace (overpasses, posts, tunnels, etc ..) to allow electrification as well as corrections in the communications conductors and security installations of the line section between Marco de Canaveses and Peso de Régua on the Duero line of the Portuguese railways.
E2f will be in charge of the realization of all the electrical actions on the line (catenary, return circuits, protections, communication cables and security installations, etc.)